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by: doxydelica@gmail.com
Capo on 2nd

Intro: Em Dmaj Cmaj Asus2

They call her smokey taboo
I got your name tattooed
Cmaj               Asus2
High like a helium balloon
Midnight to noon
I'm a desert child
    Cmaj                Asus2
And mountains make me nauseous
          Em                 Dmaj
I like to look up wild at an infinite sky
Cmas            Asus2
Twinkling with diamonds
     Em           Dmaj                   Cmaj               
It's true I get depressed in fancy hotel rooms
Asus2          Em                       Dmaj
Undressed with nothing to flaunt but my loneliness
Thinking of the night song of your hair
Em                   Dmaj
Premature as evening falls
It calls to me
Asus2                                Em 
Interrupted by the sirens in the street

2. ver:(Em  Dmaj Cmaj Asus2)-(same as the 1st)

Somedays you're like an anchor on my heart
They say that stolen water tastes sweet
More like rotten milk and rancid meat to me
I prefers when it is free
Like looking at the stars
Don't need no fancy cars
When we first
Our kisses sparked
Yeah I'm afraid of sharks
But not the dark

Part of the song where Sierra is singing at the end is: G Cmaj G Cmaj
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