• Song:

    Begging Bowl Blues

  • Artist:

    Codeine Velvet Club

  • Album:

    Codeine Velvet Club

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Begging Bowl Blues

E5 , F#5 , A5 , B5 X 6

E5         F#5
Windy old head 
A5      B5              E5              F#5
I sang along with the words that she said
A5         B5
Happy and bad 
E5               F#5
"Where goes the time?" 
A5            B5
She asked me once 
        E5           F#5
Oh and if you don't mind 
A5            B5
Give back my heart when you go

E5 , F#5 , A5 , B5 x2

E5            F#5
Begging bowl blues 
A5                 B5
Wrapped round my head
       E5          F#5   A5      B5
Like a fistful of news nobody reads 
E5          F#5   A5         B5
Me and her name I can't recall 
      E5         F#5    A5         B5
I was never the same after she left me 

    E5  B5            E5
And oh I missed her so 
B5             E5           B5         E5        B5
Never thought much of her reason to go 
    E5     B5          E5
And well, she cast a spell
B5       E5         B5       E5
Under I fell in a useless hello


A5 , B5 , E5 , C#5 x3

A5 , B5 ,

E5 , F#5 , A5 , B5 x4

E5           F#5
Useless old day 
A5           B5           E5        F#5
Wishing the hours would take me away 
A5          B5
Just for a while 
E5        F#5     A5           B5
Nobody's crook, stealing an answer 
   E5           F#5   A5            B5          E5
Oh why does he look drunk as the day he was born?
B5          E5     B5             E5           B5
Ragged and torn, lives for the money these days, 
       E5     B5
What a joke 
    E5     B5          E5
And once, twice is a sin 
B5            E5           B5       E5
Couldn't get in with the elegant folk

A5 , B5 , E5 , C#5 x4
A5 , B5

E5        C#5       A5         B5
I cannot wait any longer 
    E5        C#5         A5         B5
And I cannot claim to be free 
     E5      C#5            A5         B5
Whenever it seems like I'm losing 
    E5            C#5          A5         B5
The begging bowl blues follow me
    E5          C#5            A5         B5
And she cannot say that she's happy 
    E5         C#5       A5         B5
And I cant be sure if I care
E5            C#5        A5         B5
I got wrapped up in the money 
        E5            C#5            A5         B5
And the begging bowl blues kept me there

E5 , C#5 , A5 , B5
Repeat to fade
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