• Song:

    Time Consumer

  • Artist:

    Coheed and Cambria

  • Album:

    Live 12-05-02

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Key: F , C

Tuning: Standard EADGBe

Intro: Piano

Then Dm   Bb Dm Gm Bb  C  Gm C Dm(hold) x2

Bb  Dm    

Verse 1:
Bb                         F C/E
  the young stale memories of
         F            C
play the role to your part
Bb                      F   C/E
  librarian find me the pole
             F          C
the one that kicks your head in
Bb            F   C/E
  with my own time   role
     F       C     Bb
your own innocence by
               F    C/E
grab on to my sleeve   the
         F             C Bb
one that grabs at your ankle
                    F C/E
debate to understand 
        F   C      Bb
that we all have a flaw
                      F C/E
then fail to represent 
     F       C   Bb
your life as you know it
                      F C/E
god grant you one wish 
   F    C        Bb
to turn back the time
                  Bb       C
correct and create  making sense of

F C/E        Dm               Bb
  me and my star matthew good night
you know by law when you'll be forgiven
F C/E       Dm               Bb
  maria my star matthew good night
you know my lord when you'll be forgiven

Post Biss: F  C Dm(hold)

Verse 2:
  so they pulled your confidence
F C/E             F               C
  down with those verbal discrepancies
  now and then you'll gain what they've
    F C/E
lost     through a 
F                 C
challenge of unpronounced
Bb               F    C/E
  pain is only a pulse 
       F                 C
if you just stop feeling it
  you might be able to use the
very thing that makes us up

(Repeat Chorus)

Breakdown: F  

C     F   Am          G        Am
  wait now  here when will you believe?
me i'm merely asking you 
Am              G            Am F
to help me when did i say to murder?
        Am     G              Am F
wait now  here please hear me out
                      Am        F  
time consumer time consuming consume me
C              Dm(hold)
tired of enough

Interlude: With guitar solo on 2nd guitar
Dm   Bb Dm Gm Bb  C  Gm C Dm(hold) x2, Dm   

(Repeat Chorus)

F    C/E
  na ha ha ha ha
Dm            Bb
  na ha ha ha haA
and you know tonight
and the promsie tonight
F    C/E
  na ha ha ha ha
Dm            Bb
  na ha ha ha ha
and you know tonight
and the promsie tonight
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