• Song:

    Tailor Made

  • Artist:

    Colbie Caillat

  • Album:

    Coco (Int'l Deluxe Edit...

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Capo on 7th Fret 

All of these mixed emotions, 
G5             D5 
Tangled up in pure confusion, 
E5                         C5 
It?s hard to let go of the past, but it seems, 
G5                 C5 
Easier as time is moving, 
E5                         C5 
Well you said he makes you laugh, 
E5               C5 
And he makes you happy, 
E5                  C5 
He sees you smiling back, 
E5         C5           D5 
It is everlasting, 

And so he?s tailor made for you, 
With stunning golden hues, 
And one sweet tone to soothe, 
Your persistent beating heart it?s just a start, 
G5                         D5 
And I, have seen you everyday, 
You?ve never been like this before, 
            C5                    G5 
He?s tailor made, tailor, tailor made,  

E5                     C5 
So let go all of these mixed emotions, 
G5               D5 
Forget all your hesitations, 
Together entwined inside this feeling, 
G5                               D5 
Feet off the ground, head hits ceiling, 
E5                        C5 
Then he whispered in your ear, 
E5                 C5 
He?s absolutely falling, 
E5                    C5 
The words he said are clear, 
E5                  C5               D5 
So don?t insist on stalling 

   E5                C5 
Oh sister, don?t be troubled, 
   E5                 C5 
Oh sister, please be calm , 
           E5                 C5 
Cause this isn?t, what you?re used to, at all, 

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