• Song:

    Tied Down

  • Artist:

    Colbie Caillat

  • Album:

    Coco (Int'l Deluxe Edit...

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capo 7th fret play E then B the whole time..just listen and you'll get how to play it.

     E                     B
Ohhh I, Don't know what to say
 E                    B
And I, have told you lately
E                                                       B
That I'm tired of talking about the same old reasons we change
E                                         B
Just take it easy don't worry about these mistakes
Because I'm keeping it cool, now thinking about you, sticking around and if
we should pay
 E                                                                B
Tied down,looking around and I know what I want so don't hold me down

thats basically the whole song..this is my first tab
hope this helps you guys =)
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