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album:Year of the Spider
song:Wasted Years

tuning Eb Ab Db Gb Bb Eb (i know kelly tunes his to C but honestly thats a big step to make when
your playing live this is much more functional and sounds great acoustic!)

F#m               D                A
There's game life plays makes you think
You're everything they ever said you were
F#m                    D          A
I'd like to take some time clear away
Everything I planned


Bm                                  D                        
Was it life I've betrayed for the shape that I'm in?
      A                          E
It's not hard too fail, it's not easy to win
Bm                           D
Did I drink too much could I disappear?
           A                 E
Now there's nothing left but wasted years

F#m                      D
There's nothing left but wasted years
A                        E
There's nothing left but wasted years

F#m               D                A
If I could change my life be a simple kind of man
Try to do the best I can
F#m                  D
If I could take the time
 A                    E
I'd derail everything I crossed
F#m               D            A
Now I'm about to die won't you clear away from me?
Give me strength to fly away
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