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I'm pretty sure these are the chords, but I'm not the best at learning a song by ear. I 
really encourage someone who is good at this to learn this song correctly and submit a 
more accurate tab.

A               D                A
The crown on my head is heavy on me
They wouldn't know it
Cos they don't wanna see
A              D                      A
The skin on my face is turning bright pink
                 E                 A
As I walk by the girl's choir whispering

A                 D                A
The street that I walk welcomes my feet
              E                     A
With cryptic graffiti greetings to read
A               D                   A
The smile on my mouth, it came dirt cheap
I bought it second hand

E        F#m  E    A
I will always walk tall
F#m             E
Taller than the clouds
When the rain starts to fall
F#m               E
I come out of the wilderness
   A          D
To lay by the waterfall

A               D
The wires to my head
When I press play
Who's this new prophet
Has she got something to say?
A                  D                A
The thoughts in my brain are backfiring
I'm a picture perfect passenger

E      F#m    E    A
I will always walk tall
F#m             E              A
I hold my loneliness up like a medicine ball
F#m               E             A          D
I come out of the wilderness to lay by the waterfall
D          A
Lighten my load

(This next part I'm not sure on, and is the reason why I want someone to do a tab of 
this song.)
You expect the worst
You always get your way
These big buildings these little girls
Are giving me a little shade
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