• Song:

    I Dont Want To Wait

  • Artist:

    Cole Paula

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Date: Wed, 3 August 2005
From: "Charles F. Cardenas" 
Cc: Chai_110803@yahoo.com
Subject: CRD "I Don't Want To Wait" by Paula Cole

	I_Don't_Want_To_Wait - Paula Cole
	   from the album "This Fire"
	  transcribed by Charles F. Cardenas
Capo on 2nd Fret

E  	        B5
So open up your morning light and
C#m         Asus2
say a little prayer for I.  You know that
E              B5
if we are to stay alive, then
C#m              Asus2
see the peace in every eye.

Du du du, etc.
Du du du, etc.

E       B5        Asus2
She had two babies,
        C#m                 Asus2	
one was six months, one was three
       C#m          B5-Asus2
in the war of forty four.
E       B5          C#m       Asus2
Every telephone ring, every heartbeat stinging when she
C#m  	       B5    	  Asus2      C#m
thought it was God calling her.  Oh, would
        B5               Asus2
her son grow to know his father?

E	        B5
I don't want to wait for our
C#m          Asus2	      
lives to be over I
  C#m               B5
want to know right now, what will it
I don't want to wait for our lives to be over
Will it be yes, or will it be sorry?
Du du du du du
Du du du du du

verse two:
(repeat verse one chords)
He showed up all wet on the rainy front step
wearing shrapnel in his skin.
And the war he saw lives inside him still.
It's so hard to be gentle and warm.
The years pass by and now he has granddaughters


C                             G
Oh, so you look at me from across the room.  You're
C                    G          C
wearing your anguish again. Believe

me, I know the feeling; it
 Em	    Asus2 	   B5	   
sucks you into the jaws of anger.
C                                G                      
Oh, so breathe a little more deeply, my love.  All we
D                    C             C
have is this very moment
C                           G               C                   
and I don't want to do what his father and his father and
G		                     Asus2
his father did.  I want to be here now.



Du du du's


end on Asus2
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