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(C. James / T. Wilson)

Submitted by Garry Ciambella

Bm7                         E7 ...
Night, is the time, for the hunger
Through these rooms, you and I, we wander
Too much, too long, holdin' back the tears
I wait, do hard labor, and I count the tears

G             F#                         Bm7
Hey, soon the angels, will unlock the sun
G                F#                    E
Break away these chains, yeah and turn away the gun
Bm       Bm/D                E7
Nothing, is better, than the freedom, yeah
Nothing, is better, than the freedom

Let the law, take a man, from his family
See the evil, on the fences, down the highway
Too bad (B.V. too bad), so sad (B.V. so sad), to be on the lam
From my home, I must crawl, on my knees and hands

(repeat Nothing, is better... 4 times)

solo (in Bm - pretty pentatonic or blues scale)
Em /// ////  Bm /// ////
Em /// ////  Bm /// ////
G /// F# /// Bm /// ////
G /// F# /// E /// /////

(Chorus : with drums only first time)
Nothing, is better, than the freedom 
(with everyone back in - a bunch of times and end)
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