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D5                                  A5
She walked in all dressed in roses,Italian shades and a book of poets

E5                        G5
The words spilled out and filled the room Like candy. 

D5                                 A5
We were wild with nothing to lose We raved on from black to blue 

E5                                        G5
But the sun came up and you had gone away You had gone away


D5    A5                E5
Hey, what do ya say, Let's get lost again

Like we did back then, 

D5    A5                E5
Hey, what do you say, Do you remember when

G5                        D5
Let's get lost again, Lost again.

D5                              A5
Up and down on Williams street I walked the floor while the neighbors sleep 

E5                             G5
And the skyline stays the same But something inside has changed

D5                         A5
Easy riders lost insiders Looking for a star to guide us

E5                     G5
It's the price you pay It never shines that way

Never shines that way


When there's nothing left to lose

And you just keep dreaming on

And you just keep dreaming on. 

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