• Song:

    Heil To The Cheat

  • Artist:

    Colin Knoer

Intro: Em D C G Em Am G (2x0 
Em         D            C      G 
Sellin' oil by the body bag 
Em          Am            G 
How many lives a gallon' 
Em         D            C        G 
Bush, why won't you leave Iraq 
Em            Am               G 
Can't you see the plan is failin'' 

Em            D            C        G 
Remember bin Laden' He killed Americans 
Em     Am           G 
From New York to D.C. 
Em      D           C          G 
His kidneys need dialysis 
Em        Am               G 
Gettin' him should be easy 

Em   D                C                G 
Now just about five years gone by 
Em          Am               G 
And he's still on the lam 
Em      D                  C                  G 
Cause Bush, you told the troops forget about him 
Em            Am         G 
Now, let's focus on Saddam 

Em            C        Em                   C 
The U.N. said no, oh Bush please don't go 
Em            Am              G 
Think about the innocent Iraqis 
Em                C        Em                  C 
You said I gotta go, and let the oil flow 
Em              Am               G 
Besides, he tried to kill my daddy 

Em            D            C         G 
Terrorists hate us cause we have freedom 
Em       Am               G 
Isn't that what you said' 
Em         D                C            G 
Well then you must be a terrorist 
Em            Am                G 
Because the bill of rights is dead 

Em      D            C        G 
Terrorists declared war on us 
Em            Am               G 
Our fallen shall always be remembered 
Em            D         C              G 
I need more power so I can fight them 
Em            Am               G 
Dubya, looks like you just surrendered 

Em          D                  C         G 
Thanks to terrorists we lost our rights 
Em      Am            G 
Their mission was achieved 
Em            D      C            G 
Red states rallied around you, King George 
Em          Am                      G 
While us blue states sat and grieved 

Em          C            Em                  C 
Un-united States, yeah they're not so great 
Em          Am        C 
Another nail in the casket 
Em        C      Em        C 
Theocracy, aristocracy 
Em             Am          G 
From what was once democratic 

E            D         E            D 
Mothers and fathers, sons and daughters, 
E            D              Em        G 
All cannon fodder for this war machine 
Em            D            C      G 
Don't like gay marriage' That's OK 
    Em                       Am            G 
But you don't need to change the constitution 
Em         D                  C          G 
Founding fathers spinning in their graves 
Em          Am                  G 
When they heard of that solution 

Em              D            C          G 
Don't try and force your religion on me 
Em                     Am               G 
Do that and you're no better than Osama 
Em              D            C            G 
Now there's a young man on the front lines 
            Em               Am                  G 
Can't find his leg and he's crying for his momma 

Em         D                  C          G 
You went AWOL, snorted coke, drove drunk, 
       Em             Am            G 
You're incompetent, do you understand 
Em            D            C          G 
You're not good enough to rule the world 
        Em                     Am                  G 
But you tried and now there's blood on your hands 

Em            C      Em            C 
You shoulda lost, shoulda been tossed 
Em        Am            G 
But you rigged the election 
Em                C          Em               C 
You wanna do it again, you should understand 
Em                  Am            G 
There's gonna be a blue state secession
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