• Song:

    Leave Me In This Rain

  • Artist:

    Colin Peters

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Listen to his CD, or go to his myspace ( www.myspace.com/colinpeters ) for the correct tempo.

Verse 1

E       F#            A5  
   This open field of daises
   They stroke me like a kiss
   But here I wait for you
   Drowning in your endless promises


B5    C#              A2
   My hope is sinking deep
   I can't abondan from reality
   Dense clouds are in the distance
   Filled with your charades of brutality


E  B                  A
   When will I forget this
   Repeated mistakes over and over and over again
   I don?t want any of your false assistance
        C#       B       A
   Just leave me in this rain

Verse 2

E     F#                 A5 
   As soon as things are looking up
   You hit me with a harder blow
   I?m sick and I have had enough
   And you act like you don?t even know (to chorus)


C#   E       B5          A2     C#        E       B5 A2  
         I?m gone now forever I wont give in to excuses
         You?ve lost your chance I won't ever come back (chorus)
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