• Song:

    You Are

  • Artist:

    Colton Dixon

  • Album:

    You Are

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Great song! I've loved Colton Dixon since he was on AI!
If you'd like the piano effect for the intro, interlude, and 1st verse, you can 
pick between the B and G strings. (2 and 3 from the bottom) I think it sounds cool!

Verse 1:
D                             A
  When I can?t find the words   to say how much it hurts
D                             A
  You are the healing in my heart
D                         A
  When all that I can see   are broken memories
D                                  A
  You are the light that?s in the dark

  You are the song,
             Bm       A
You are the song I?m singing.
  You are the air,
            Bm       A
You are the air I?m breathing
  You are the hope,
             Bm      A
You are the hope I'm needing.
G  Bm A
Oh Oh Oh, You are

D   A

Verse 2:
D                          A
  And when my circumstance   leaves me with empty hands.
D                             A
  You are the provider of my needs.
D                       A
  When all my dirtiness   has left me helpless.
D                            A
  You are the rain that washes me.

Chorus (x2)

Bridge: (x2)
If I had no voice,
If I had no tongue,
         Bm                      A
I would dance for you like the rising sun.
          D                    G
And when that day comes and I see your face.
        Bm                  A
I will shout your endless glorious praise. 

Chorus (x2)
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