• Song:

    White Trash Vhs

  • Artist:

    Coma Cinema

From Mat's blog:

Its fairly easy really just

C5 - F5 - C5 - F5

A5 - B5 - F5 - A5 - B5 - F5

Repeat #endlessly 


laughin? broken glass
talking til? my head hurts
vhs white trash
smiling see you later
crashing through the void
remembering my family
apologies unfold
into flowers of humanity

closer than before 
on the edge of being
the same fuck up as before
dying in a secret
sick refusing sleep
childhood hides in dreams
somewhere out of reach
safe from all bad feelings

come downs wearing out
all that blood and guts
the guilt is going to put you down
while yr begging for forgiveness
mercy kill the past
descending from heaven
vhs white trash
demonic possession 

in her dying words
as her tape is rotting
vhs white trash
feeds you one more problem
a poison afterlife
but that?s her trip not mine
forgive me when i die
bury me inside your life
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