• Song:

    Wishing Well

  • Artist:

    Common Children

  • Album:


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Intro:  A5 B5 D5 E5 
    F#5             D5          F#5              D5 
But please don't listen to the lies inside this place 
         F#5               D5             F#5               D5 
When the monster rears its head out just turn and see your face 
A5        B5      D5              E5     A5 
When the sky is torn, feelings are reborn 
A5            B5       D5                 E5          A5 
But like the passing rain, this moment will fade away 
A5      B5     D5  E5       A5     B5        D5     E5 
And so I try to find my water all by myself 
It's so dry 
  E5     A5       D5    
I won't stop to cry
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