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    I Like Compulsion and C...

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From: ndl2@ukc.ac.uk

This is the bass tab for Domestique by Compulsion 
 The song is made up of parts as  follows:

A) -----------------------------------------

B) -----------------------------------------

C) -----------------------------------------

D) -----------------------------------------

R) rest for 1 bar 

The song is made up like this:

 R R A A A A A A R R A A A A R B B B D D A A A A A A R B B B B

 R C C C C C C A A A R 3 3 3 R 3 3 3 R 3 3 3 3
 			     ^       ^
                         On these bits i think the bass comes
			 in at the end of the bar as in part D

if you think this is wrong please email me

Nick lott
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