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Long Time Ago
                        by Concrete Blonde
              from the album "Walking In London" 1992

Tabbed by Gus McPhee, Oct. 10, 2011

I only know this song thanks to the very last 
episode of "The Shield". 
I play with a capo on the 1st fret because 
I'm half retarted when it comes to bar chords, 
particularly the Bb.

Its sounds pretty damn close to the real thing. Enjoy

Bb    x03330
F     033200
Gm    155111
F#    244322
Eb    365343


    Bb          F              Gm       F#       Eb

E -----------0------------0----3---------2--------3-------------|
B -----------3------------0----3---------2--------4-------------|
G --------3---------------2----3---------3--------3-------------|
D -----3---------------3-------5---------4--------5-------------|
A --0---------------3----------5---------4--------6-------------|
E ---------------0-------------3---------2--------3-------------|

    Bb          F             F#        Gm     F#    Eb                         

E -----------0---------------------------3-----22-----3---------|
B -----------3---------------------------3-----22-----4---------|
G --------3---------------2--------3-----3-----33-----3---------|
D -----3---------------3---------4-------5-----44-----5---------|
A --0---------------3----------4---------5-----44-----6---------|
E ---------------0-----------2-----------3-----22-----3---------|

When you turned out the light and walked out the door,
I said to myself.  What did I come here for?
Did you have a good time, drinking whisky and rhyme
and did you wanna be Bonnie and Clyde.


          Bb                         F
What goes on in your mind, what goes on in your head.
            Gm                             Eb
Who did you think I would be, Ha, well you got me instead.
You think there's some connection,
              F                      Gm    Eb
That I'm your female reflection, but no.
Bb                 F
I can be loyal and I can be true
               Gm                        Eb
but that's for somebody else and it will never be you.
You think were pre-determined,
     F                  F#     Gm      F#  Eb
well babe your learning way to slow.

       Bb           F          Bb       F
But it seems such a long time ago....

(Same chords as verse for in-between part)

    Bb                             F
Oh, he can see things you'll never know how to see.
   Gm                               Eb 
He's three times the man you'll never know how to be,
I'll do anythting he wants
            F           F#          Gm      F#   Eb
and I'll go anywhere he wants me to go.    
And if that isn't love, then I
F               F#    Gm     F#  Eb
Guess I'll just never know.

Bb           F          Bb
Seems such a long time ago...
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