• Song:

    Eagle On A Pole

  • Artist:

    Conor Oberst And The Mystic Valley Band

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F Dm F Dm F Em D#5 Dm

F		Dm
Saw an eagle on a pole
F		Dm
think it was an eagle
F	   Em	    D#5		  Dm
watched it's shadow fly 'cross the cement

F		Dm
I woke up in the snow
F				Dm
all the trees were crowds of people
F	Em 	 D#5		    C
no coat no shoes no idea where they went
F			 Dm
i followed the fence line thin
F			Dm
back where the yard begins
Am				C
my woman she stood crying like a man
A#m		 C
so where have you been
A#m		C
where have you been
F	Em		D#5		Dm
i thought you said that all of that was done
F	Em	D#5		A#m		F
----something-----	Just dont go telling everyone

etc etc etc

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