• Song:

    Night At Lake Unknown

  • Artist:

    Conor Oberst And The Mystic Valley Band

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This is a little stripped down but it's how I've been playing it. He throws in a 
few slides and hammer-ons throughout. I hit the bass note before each chord.

Capo II

C              Em        F     G
Well it don't take much imagination
C            Em      G
To see the picture frame
C            Em      F       C
And I don't need my concentration
Am                  D
To know when I'm in pain

Am     Em             F          C
When I lost myself I lost you by extension
Am                               D
I don't know who would stand to gain
C             Em           F        C
These silly dreams aren't worth a mention
C               G                C
But they keep collecting in my brain

Went on the hunt for fame and fortune
Picked up the trail just fine
Everywhere I go the doors fly open
But I want out once I'm inside

When I break my heart I know that yours gets broken
I just wish that kept me in line
But I can't live outside the moment
And it keeps leaving me behind
It just keeps leaving me behind

When I can't sleep my mind's a circle
I watch the ceiling fan
I close my eyes and feel the wind blow
My bed it turns into a raft

I drift away this night at Lake Unknown I'm floating
I see it all for what it is
Most anything can be forgiven
What is left we'll have to live
With what is left we'll have to live
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