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The Corb Lund Band
I Wanna Be In The Cavalry: Reprise

Standard Tuning

E                                 A              C#m
I wanna be in the cavalry if they send me off to war
A                  E                E    B7     E
I wanna good steed under me like my forefathers before

E                                            A                 C#m
Courageous at first we took their worst, our positions we held stout
   A                      E                           E       E        B7
We clung to belief and we hung on the speech from our trusted leaders' mouths
    E                                          A          C#m
Overwhelming odds and a hopeless cause and our cities overrun
           A                     E             E        B7    E
There were them that said we was badly led and God were we outgunned

I lost count of the worthy mounts that from under me were cut
My favourite mare with her head in the air took the cannons in her gut
In the first two weeks on that bloody creek my brother lost his arm
Was only sixty days till all we prayed us to get us home unharmed

O for the day that we signed our names and the well that we were wished
The men's congrats and the pats on the backs and the ladies that we kissed
The band that played and the grande parade and the patriotic shouts
All faded fast, didn't even last till the uniforms wore out

And there were none to replace nor to help us face the winters cold and bleak
That chilled to the bone the pneumonia prone and froze our bootless feet
Then the typhoid hit with its fevered fits, TB and dysentery
That prove in the end to have killed more men than the vilest enemy

We were finally forced to feed on horse and carcass we could scrounge
When the wagons stopped and we'd burnt their crops to charred and barren ground
With morale in doubt and our pride run out no honour did I see
All I seen were a thousand dreams piled dead in front of me

I wanna be in the cavalry if they send me off to war
I wanna be in the cavalry but I won't ride home no more
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