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* Fairly simple, just like he plays it*

D                                                            D/F#      G
A long ride back from Jacksonville, 500 miles from a game we should've won
        A                      G 
Man, we oughta' burn down that stadium
Thought this year was gonna' be ours, talkin' too much junk in those Florida bars
        D               G       G/f#         Em     A 
Now I'm stunned, man, I wish it was Nineteen Eighty One

D             D/F#
And I know why they say
G     A            D
Every dawg has his days
D               D/F#
Can't win every game we play
G         A            D
But every dawg has his days

Longing for those glory days like the one when he cried, "Run, Lindsey, Run!"
I was too young to be there, but I'm sure it was fun
Bet that crowd was flyin' high and I bet Glory to Ol' Georgia was cried as the band played
Man, I wish I could feel that way today


      G                     A
And I play back my favorite victories
          D                     G 
Like that last minute win up in Tennessee
G          A                  D
I bet them hobnails hurt like hell
          G                  A
And I got sweet memories of 2002
        D           G
Won the SEC and the Sugar Bowl, too
G             A               D
Man, we had a ball on Bourbon Street
D/F#  G     A              D    
Whoa, whoa, those were the days

Just got my tickets in the mail, September's coming fast and I can hardly wait
They say these guys, they might take us all the way
And if they do I'll be flyin' high and there'll prob'ly be a happy tear in my eye
But rain or shine, I'll be yellin' "Go Dawgs!" from the 20-yard line


And we'll be singin', 
"Glory, glory to ol' Georgia, 
G                   D
Glory, glory to ol' Georgia, 
D                       Bm
Glory, glory to ol' Georgia, 
    Em       A       D
Oh, Georgia, hail to thee."
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