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Chords used in this song

D   G   A

1st Verse
            D                         G              D
//: Tae the lords o Con-ven-tion 'twas Cla-ver-house spoke. E'er the
Kings crown go down there are crowns to be broke. So each cavalier who 
      G          D                       A            D
loves Honour and me. Let him fol-low the bonnets o' Bon-nie Dundee.


     D                    A                                          D
Come fill up my cup, come fill up my can, Come sad-dle my horses and call 
                             A           D                              D
out my men. Un-hook the West Port and    let us gae free ------ For its up 
     A                 D
with the bonnets    o' Bon-nie Dundee-------:// 

Dundee he is mounted and he rides up the street
The bells tae ring backward and the drums tae are beat
But the provost douce man says just let it be
For the toon is well rid o'that devil Dundee

There are hills beyond Pentland and lands beyond forth
Be there lords in the south, there are chiefs in the north
There are brave downie wassles three thousand times three
Cry hey for the bonnets o'Bonnie Dundee

So awa tae the hills, tae the lee and the rocks
Ere I own a userper I'll couch with the fox
So tremble false whigs in the mid'st o' yer glee
For ye've no seen the last o'my bonnets and me

Enjoy as much as I have and will continue 2

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