• Song:

    Pearls Before Swine

  • Artist:

    Corrosion Of Conformity

  • Album:


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From: essomdah@eos.ncsu.edu (unknown)
    To: dwm3@po.cwru.edu
    Subject: Corrosion of Conformity tab submission
    Date: Sun, 22 Dec

    Corrosion of Conformity
    "Pearls Before Swine"
    off of "Deliverance"
    Drop D tuning (like just about every CoC song there is)
    This is the main bass line.  If the bass does anything other than follow 
    the chord pro. during the chorus, I can't tell!  :)
    It's not at all difficult but nobody else did it, so...
            up 1/4 step
    G | -------^--------------------- |
    D |.-------|---------------------.|
    A |.-3-5---7-5---3-5-0-----------.|
    D | -----0-----0-------5-3------- |
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