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play the "G" and "A" as bar chords and slide between the two.

Key: D


G (320003@1)   A (x02220@1)              D/F#I (200232@1)was born inside of a rainbow

G (320003@1)     A (x02220@1)               D/F#I (200232@1)was raised on mercy and grace

G (320003@1)     A (x02220@1)                   D/F#I (200232@1)was crowned with sweet lovingkindess

G (320003@1)    A (x02220@1)              DI (xx0232@1)was made to see Your face

Verse 2:

G (320003@1)       A (x02220@1)               D/F#I (200232@1)was called from out of darkness

G (320003@1)      A (x02220@1)               D/F#I (200232@1)was clothed with mercies so sure

G (320003@1)    A (x02220@1)              D/F#I (200232@1)was given beatufy for ashes

G (320003@1)             A (x02220@1)            DAnd (xx0232@1)everything else I don't deserve


          G (320003@1)  DSo (xx0232@1)I sing Hallelujah

       G (320003@1)  DI (xx0232@1)sing Hallelu

       G (320003@1)  DI (xx0232@1)sing Hallelujah

        AI (x02220@1)love You

     Em2               BmEverything (x24432@1)You do just screams "I love you"

     Em2                    Bm (x24432@1) A (x02220@1)Everything You are says, "I care"


GWhat (320003@1)am I that You would love me like You do?

BmWho (x24432@1)am I that You should care?


GWhat (320003@1)is man?

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