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Date: Wed, 22 May 1996 22:11:14 +0200 (SAT)
From: Adam Levine 
Subject: cheap rewards by elvis costello

This song appears on the re-eleased version of "my aim is true".
The guitar is capoed at the first fret, therefore the chord names i have
given are in fact the shapes. the real key is Ab.

          G                                     C
oh well i feel so loose tonight i might fall to pieces,
   D                               G    D
so be prepared to sweep me out the door,
      G                          C
and i might be horizontal by the time the evening ceases,
     D                                  G
so i think i'll get acquainted with the floor.
          B                                    C
but i was trying to get away from the things i usually do,
   D                            G             D
"hello floorboards, once again, how are you?"

    G                                    C
lip service, well that's all you'll ever get from me.
   D                               G          D
how could you believe i'd take you seriously?
     G                                           C
with your cheap rewards, your blackmail and your comical rage,
     D                                                        G
just remember that you'll only be the boss as long you pay my wage.

Well all the signposts on this road they all point one way,
don't act like you're above me, just look at your shoes.
i'll turn the light out now 'cause there's nothing left to say,
and it's all been lost befor so there's nothing left to lose.
           B                                C
oh but you could say that you loved me very painlessly
             D                              G          D
i would have done the same for you  but you said to me.....

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