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    See You In Dreamland

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My father was the lead singer for this band, the A side of this record "saturday night 
the duck pond" got to 32 in the charts!!

my first tab so go easy :oD


G          Em        G      Em
See you in dreamland tonight
G            Em              G       Em
When all the blinds are shut down tight
C            D
to feel your warm caress
C            D
and all your loveliness
G          Em        G       Em
see you in dreamland tonight


C                             G
Think of all the times we had together
C                            G
And of the times we had last night
Bm                     Em
I know it must be love forever
C                    D
And if its not, I'll promise
That i'll go away and die

Thats it really, the next i will do the whole song from start to finish.
Any questions or probs, contact themackie2000@yahoo.co.uk
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