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    Counting crows

  • Album:

    Saturday Nights & Sunda...

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Use barre chords, on the chorus use 5th string roots, on the verse use 6th string roots 
position emin).


A Russian Jew American Impersonating African
Jamaican what I want to be's and Indian
Im gonna be a cowboy, in the end I guess I bought a gun
Cause it impresses all the little girls I see

And then they all want to sleep with me

Oh, where do we dissapear

Into the silence that surrounds us
          D                 G
And then drowns us in the end
D               E                       G
Who are these people who impersonate our friends
           D          E            G
Saying come again, come again, come again

Back to verse

It's just a rough draft for now, but that should give you enough to go on until i finish 
rest of the tab.

By the way I personally hate it when people tab a song they dont know yet and say theyll 
back to it later. Kinda pisses me off. But, I'm sure enough about this one that I'll 
it up, whatever.

-Andrew Fickley
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