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From: phillip@jura.hgu.mrc.ac.uk (Phillip Lord)
Subject: Re: REQ: Country Joe McDonald song

	This is called the "fixing to die rag"

	It is actually in Nevada, but they has different chords to the way I play
it. 	Heres what I do

	Well Come on all you big strong men

	Uncle sam needs your help again

	Hes got hiself in a fuck of a jam

	G                             G7
	Way down yonder in South Vietnam

	C        Cmin            G
	So put down your books and pick up your guns

	E                 A7            D7
	cause were gonna have a whole lot of fun

	D7      A7    D7
	And its one two three

	G	                   D7
	what are we fighting for, dont ask me I dont give a damn

	next stop is vietnam

	D7            A7    D7    G                    G7
	and its five six seven  open up the pearly gates

	C	Cmin 	G	E
	well there aint no time to wonder why

	A7	D7		G
	whoppie were all going to die

	Well thats it roughly. I think I have the chords in the right places, but
I dont have my guitar with me so I not entirely sure. You should find that it
comes together mostly. The C Cmin G bit is best played at the third fret as a
barre. I always play this fairly fast, and loud. Its actually quite a party
piece. There is after all nothing quite like at 20 year old Vietnam protest song
to prove what an irrelevant washed out old hippie that you really are

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