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Date: Sun, 14 Jun 1998 18:11:52 -0700
From: Brent Wood 
Subject: c/cowboy_junkies/where_are_you_tonight.crd


written by M. Timmins and The Cowboy Junkies,
from the album Caution Horses
submitted and transcribed in June 1998
by Brent Wood, bwood@artcenter.edu

          C		      Am        	 F		   C
There's a young man in the corner, playing crazy all night long.
C		 F		 G
Quarters piled high upon the table.
	C           Am	     F               C
And he orders Wild Turkey with a quick wit and a smile.
   C				    Am			 G
He says "my darling, you're the one I'll drape in sable."
	 C			  Am		     F              C
But his baseball cap, and his barroom rap tell me a different story
     Am	      F			 G
That this is not my prince to grant all my wishes
     C		      Am		    F		   C
Just another lonely country boy, grown weary of the night.
     C			    Am			  G
Just another boy, with a sink full of dirty dishes.

Am	     	    F
And where are you tonight?
Am	               F
When I left you in my dreams last night,
    C	              G			F
You promised me that we would be breaking free.
F	   G	  Am
Where are you tonight?

	C		  Am			   F			  C
And he tells me of the backroads, and I will ride them all night long.
C				 Am		  G
And the days of fate and the moon will hang forever.
      C		    Am		  F             C
And a cloud of dust will kick up and linger like a sun.
	 C			     Am		   G
And the myth will grow about the two who refused to surrender.
	  C		    Am
But as I catch us in the barroom mirror
         F		  C
with his arm around my shoulder,
C          	      Am		G
This girl I see has grown so unfamiliar.
    C		       Am	      F		 C
And as she stands to leave with a stranger by her side,
    C				  Am		       G
She can't help but laugh at a life turned so peculiar,

Am	     	    F
And where are you tonight?
Am	             F
I don't think I can face tomorrow's light,
    C	        G		      Am (hold)
Not knowing if you'll be there to guide me.

Em	     	    F
And where are you tonight?
Em			 F
I think I can make it through all right,
        F 			  Em			  Am (hold)
But I'd love to have you just one more time beside me.

These Cowboy Junkies songs are so cool to play on guitar.

Brent Wood
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