• Song:

    The Ruse And The Caper

  • Artist:

    Coyote Theory

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This is my first tab and i made it cause i couldn't find any tabs for this song and its 
a really awesome song :) enjoy and here is the song link http://youtu.be/ibe1KJWz818 
it's pretty ACCURATE

Chords: dont know the names sorry :/

in the part where i think he says "i can dream like this, forever" it's kinda hard to 
tell the chords you're suppost to play in the order but this sounds pretty close to it

1st sequence:


then after that play this: 2nd sequence:

|----5-------7-----5-------|  (the last chord gets played twice)

after that play the first sequence then the second sequence again :)

Then go back to the first strumming pattern

This basically repeats itself the same way throughout the song, when he slows down just 
play the first struming pattern slowly and to end it play the 1st sequence and 2nd 
sequence and there ya' go :)

Please support this band and publish their music video on your Facebook so more and more 
people get to know about them :) rate and correct me in any errors i might have 
committed haha thank you :)
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