• Song:

    Maybe You Should Drive

  • Artist:

    Craig Cardiff

  • Album:

    Easter Eggs - CC011

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Awesome Canadian artist.

Tabbed by Greg - gcormier@gmail.com

You can play regular chords or use these variations.

Lyrics are a guess... can't figure out some part of the 2nd verse.

B 799800
A 577600
E 022100

It sounded less like don mcclean
and more like lenny bruce

       B                                   A
i been wrappin my head around your idea  of truth
oh is it truth brought out of fear
or the truth put on display
or the truth that comes when people leave
and people go away
go away


E     B          A 
maybe you should drive
shut your eyes closed
shut your eyes 
and read between the lines

everyone who stood by you
are the same ones who just left
the cavelries gone-gone don't hold your breath (dear)

??? i thought
you never clue in
be careful who you keep these days
cuz friends these days 
friends these days


and don't beat yourself up don't bear yourself 
all black and blue
oh there was nothing to say this was comin no
it hurts what you could have sat thru

i love you so much it breaks my heart
i love you beyond words
but you got cold when you started buying your news
you got cold when you got scared

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