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7 Days By: Craig David

Intro: Dm-Gm-Am

VERSE 1 Dm-Gm-Am
On my way to see my friends who lived a couple blocks away from me
As I walked through the subway it must've been about quarter past 3
In front of me stood a beautiful honey with a beautiful body
She asked me for the time I said it'd cost her her name
A six digit number & a date with me tomorrow at nine
Did she decline? No?didn't she mind? I don't think so
Was it for real? Damn sure?what was the deal? A pretty girl aged 24
So was she keen? She couldn't wait?cinnamon queen? let me update
What did she say? She said she'd love to rendezvous
She asked me what we were gonna do
Said we'd start with a bottle of moet for two

Monday, took her for a drink on Tuesday
We were making love by Wednesday
And on Thursday, Friday, Saturday we chilled on Sunday
I met this girl on Monday took her for a drink on Tuesday
We were making love by Wednesday
And on Thursday & Friday & Saturday we chilled on Sunday

VERSE 2 Dm-Gm-Am
Nine was the time ?cos I'll be getting mine and she was looking fine
Smooth talker she told me She'd love to unfold me all night long
I loved the way she kicked it from the front to back she flipped it
And I oh I hope that she'd care ?cos I'm a man who'll always be there
I'm not a man to play around baby
?Cus a one night stand isn't really fair
From the first impression girl you don't seem to be like that
'Cus there's no need to chat for there'll be plenty for that
From the subway to my home endless ringing of my phone
When you feeling all alone all you gotta do
Is just call me call me


Gm                       Dm   Gm                    Dm
Since I met this special lady I can't get her of my mind
               Gm         Dm
She's one of a kind and I ain't about to deny it
       Gm                       A7
It's a special kind thing with you-oh

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