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302 South Maple Avenue
Craig Morgan

G                                      Cadd9
They pulled up in a pick up truck that held everything they owned
   G                                 Cadd9 
He unlocked the door and carried her over their new threshold
Am7               C                    Am7               C 
They stood there, tears in their eyes, neither one could speak
Am            C/B              C           G 
Hand in hand, room by room, oh it was everything

      C                    D         G           C            D            C
Three bedrooms, two baths, one car garage, front porch with a swing at one end
  G      G/f#    Em           C                         D
A little over an acre lot all wrapped in a white picket fence
       C                         D          G                                 C
It was more than a house, it was home sweet home, where all their dreams came true
C   C/B     Am    D  G 
3-0-2 South Maple Avenue

Second mortgage, two kids later, they were still goin' strong
They came through all kinds of changes and did some addin' on
They filled each room with memories that money could not buy
They weren't rich, but that old house had a wealth of love inside


        Am                C/B
They're older now and the kids are gone
           C      D       G 
They talk about a smaller place
        Am                 C/B
But the life they shared together there
      C              D
Won't let them move away


302 South Maple Avenue
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