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e-5-5-/3-\5-5-/3-5-/3-5-7-7-5-0  x2

The chords follow the same rhythm as the intro, just in barre form.


I'm mean. I'm a mean machine. I gotta be mean. Just a bad human being. 
This ain't no art from the the bottom of a hen house floor. 
Rip out your brains if ya got 'em throw 'em out the door. 
Cuz I'm mean...I can't nuthin' dull. 
I got the gloss lustre. 
I'll massacre your ass as fast as Bull offed Custer.
I'm mean...

D                                               C       A  
Ya wanna go to the Devil but you don't like the flames. Blood on Satan's Claw
          G      E
 is my middle name. Yeah I'm mean...

improvise the little tremolo solo, and then the key change is


Rinse, repeat, enjoi.
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