• Song:

    Mirror Ball

  • Artist:

    Crayon Fields

  • Album:

    All The Pleasures Of Th...

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Mirror Ball ? The Crayon Fields  myspace.com/thecrayonfields
Tabbed by ezears

Intro   Cm
Cm7			                     Cm
Would it flatter you to know
	                    Fm       Bb          Fm    Bb
That mostly it?s you that makes me so slow
Cm7                Cm
You say I look so calm
But really I?m not, I?m not but I really want to be from now on


Cm        Gm  Bb         F7
You are stil my heart a mirror ball
Fm		               Bb               Cm
I look at you and suddenly I?m a virgin (in a dancehall)    (Repeat Chorus)

Cm   Gm   Fm   Bb  Cm

Cm7			                     Cm
Would it flatter you to see me floating
 	     Fm	       Bb  		                  Fm     Bb
Not wearing my love even if it doesn?t suit me
	         Cm7				                                 Cm
And I want to ?cause in this weather I can?t tell
		                 Fm	       Bb   		                 Fm Bb	
If everyone?s on heat or sun stroked or sweating for no one, I can?t tell



Cm   Gm   Fm   Bb  Cm
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