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    Cream - Sunshine Of Your Love

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Cream - Sunshine of Your Love 
vibrato - ~ 
hammer on - h 
pull off - p 
slide - / 
e --------------------------------------------------------- 
B -------------------------------------------------------- 
G ----------------------------------------10-10----------         x2 
D --12-12-10-12-------------------12-----------------12--- 
A ---------------------12-11-10-------------------------- 
E -------------------------------------------------------- 
verse:        (when second verse is started play below riff 6 times instead of 4) 
e  ---------------------------------------------------- 
B ---------------------------------------------------- 
G ---------------------------------------10~-------- 
D -12-12-10-12------------------12--------------12---      x4 
A -12-12-10-12----12-11-10--------------------------- 
E -10-10--8-10-------------------------------------- 
e ------------------------------------------ 
B ----------------------------------------- 
G -----------------------------3~---------    x2 
D -5-5-3-5--------------5------------5---- 
A -5-5-3-5----5-4-3----------------------- 
E -3-3-1-3-------------------------------- 
e  ----------------------------------------------------- 
B ----------------------------------------------------- 
G ---------------------------------------10~----------- 
D -12-12-10-12------------------12----------------12----   x2 
A -12-12-10-12----12-11-10------------------------------ 
E -10-10--8-10----------------------------------------- 
instead of doing vibratos on the notes that are marked, you can 
also hammer-on/pull-off on the next fret to create the effect 
G ----------------------10h11p10h11p10h11p10-------------------- 
D ----------------12--------------------------------------12----- 
A --12-11-10---------------------------------------------------- 
if you do this every so often, and not every time it creates 
a nice change but still sounds similiar so it still fits the song, 
there are are few other things you can do such as slides back  
and forth between frets, or even just a bend and realease, you  
can play around with 
e ------------------------             ---------------------------- 
B -----------------------             -----2--2-2-2--2-2-2----- 
G --4-4--4-------------               -----2--2-2-2--2-2-2----- 
D --5-5--5------5-----       x3       -----2--2-2-2--2-2-2----- 
A --5-5--5---5--5-----                -----0--0-0-0--0-0-0----- 
E --3-3--3---5--3-----                 ----------------------------- 
    d u  d    d   d                        d  u d u   d u d 
The song breaks down as follows: 
alot of people think there is some distortion being used, 
but just try both ways and see what you like better 
The intro riff is played through down to the end of the tab, 
then to repeat, repeat, except that the intro riff is not played, 
but instead the verse riff is played 6 times rather than 4 
After playing through the 2nd chorus, the solo of the song comes in 
which is just basically an extended minor pentatonic scale in the key of E, 
so just play around with that and see what sounds good, 
the verse and chorus is repeated one more time, then to end, just keep strumming 
the A major chord until fade
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