Date: Thu, 6 Jun 2002 09:50:54 -0700 (PDT)
From: Mark Miller 
Subject: c/creed/alone.crd

Song Name: Alone
Artist's Name: Creed and Tool
Transcribed By: Mark Miller

I don't really know if Creed and Tool did this song
together but I downloaded it under their name and
every other version has listed them as the performers,
and one of the voices sounds a good bit like Scott
Stapp's. If anyone else knows anything about this
song, please tell me.

This is my first submission so this might be a guess
but I think this is about right.

Em         G               D              C
Its been a long day at the bottom of the hill

Em   G            D              G
    She died of a broken heart...

      Em   G              D       C
I'm alone..............................
          I never want to be alone.....

Em  G         D                G
   Now I......turn to face the cold
        Now I turn to face the cold...

Bridge:same chords

The same chords go throught the song. I don't know if
my version is an acoustic version or the only version
created but it has a short distorted guitar part at
the bridge that I don't know.
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