first of all... most people like to tab all that crap out so i've made this into easy understandable chordage.
here's creed's higher.

      D                        G                              D     G
when dreaming... i'm guided to another world   time and time agaiiiiiiin

at sunrise....          [you get the progression

  E                        G                            E                  G
so let's go there...    let's make our escape c'mon   let's go there... let's ask can we stay

           D       A       G          D          A            G
chorus:    Can you take me higher... to a place where blind men see

                                      D          A            G
                                     to a place with golden streets

D        A        G           D            A        G
said up high i feel like i'm alive for the very first time...   [and so on, it's soooo simple]
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