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			     NEVER COMING HOME - Crossfade
Transcribed by: Kyle Millican (irishblood6355)
Email: hikelife55@gmail.com

Tuning: Half Step Down (Eb, Bb, F#, C#, Ab, Eb) 


Ebm7    022033
Badd9   x32033
F#      320033
C#add4  200233

                  Badd9                         Ebm7
I'm planning my release, tonight I'll speak the words

        Badd9                           Ebm7
I never thought I'd ever have to say to you

        F#      C#add4  Badd9                         Ebm7
Hope it stings you so deeply for a moment you might see me

And I'll leave you there all alone

One more thing that you should know

        F#    C#add4  Badd9
I'm not ever coming home

Think we should finally let this go

F# C#add4 Badd9                  Ebm7
We both know it's the end of the road

F#    C#add4 Badd9               Ebm7
All I ever needed, someone to believe in

Anything that I could give

Maybe there's something beautiful

       F#    C#add4 Badd9
Hidden deep in my bones

I'll give as far as I can go

Where I run you never will know

When you left there lying alone

        F#     C#add4  Badd9
No, I'm never coming home

I think we had enough time to know

                    Ebm7                    Badd9   F#   C#add4   Badd9 
So know that when I go it's the end of the road, oooh

                 Badd9                  Ebm7   F#   C#add4   Badd9 
Know that when I go it's the end of the road

         Badd9      Ebm7   F#   C#add4   Badd9  
It's the end of the road

                     Badd9   Ebm7
And I'm never coming home

         F#     C#add4     Badd9 
See, I'm never coming home
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