• Song:

    So Young

  • Artist:

    Curtis Peoples

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This song is actually by Curtis Peoples & Tyler Hilton
They play the same notes but with different guitar tunings, I'll post both
I'm pretty sure the lyrics aren't a 100% right but that's what I could come up with

Watch them perform an acoustic version of the song here:

Curtis puts a capo on fourth fret and plays the chords you see on the lyrics (D A Bm G...)

For Tyler's part, tune the guitar half a step down and replace curtis' chords with those
Curtis           |   Tyler            |
                 |                    |
D (x,x,0,2,3,2)  |   G (3,2,0,0,3,3)  |
A (x,0,2,2,2,0)  |   D (x,x,0,2,3,2)  |
Bm(x,2,4,4,3,2)  |  Em7(0,2,2,0,3,3)  |
G (3,2,0,0,3,3)  |Cadd9(x,3,2,0,3,3)  |
Em(0,2,2,0,0,0)  }   Am(X,0,2,2,1,0)  |

Verse 1:
D  		           		   A
Southern California music for the morning after on the radio
Bm 					  G
Evan hanging over hands upon my shoulder, dancing slow
Em 	     D                   G              A          
Don?t u find memories creep back in ur mind coz I remember

We drive around far to ever go there 
Call u up and talk until the morning 
When we kiss it hit me with that warning 
Such a rush what a crush we?d only been gone 
Sneaking out in any kind of weather 
Screaming out we?ll always be together 
looking back all we ever wanted 
was a crush with some fun baby we were so young

Verse 2:
Always made me better when we were together stronger when I had u close 
Was the beauty in the window princess of the shadows I remember more 
so much time since those days that passed us by I remember 


Bm                  G    D                    A
Oohh aren?t we still young when did we move on?
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