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Cast Of Thousands – Darren Hanlon

This is an awesome tune by a great aussie songwriter and storyteller. Check out a live 
if you can get your hands on one it is always absolutely outstanding.

Intro: D D D D


D                   Bm       A
We broke up about a year ago
We split amicably of course
       Bm               A
But I heard about your accident
When you fell off a horse
      E   A

       D              Bm       A
I took flowers to the hospital
When in turn the intern said
           Bm               A
That he'd help me find the room which held
You and your broken leg
                Bm              A
Hidden by your friends and relatives
Gathered round your bed
       E   A


     G             D               A
You had a cast of thousands of signatures
     G                       D              A
And charts filled with your fluctuating temperatures
     G                           D             A
You handed me a pen and pointed just below the knee
     G                   D            Bm           A
I'm glad there's still a part of you reserved for me


        D            Bm                   A
Do you remember how we met like laughing children
Or just how clean it ended?
        Bm               A
In the darkened ward at night
When blinds are all descended
Now I get a pang of pleasure
Seeing your leg suspended
                  Bm           A
Shame they can't cover us in plaster
And in six weeks all is mended
       E   A
        D                  Bm               A
But I love the smell of hospitals more than just a bit
                          D                        Bm
When I was young I couldn't keep my nose out of the first-aid kit
                                D                Bm           A
But when the very thing that brings you here also makes you go
     Em                            E      A
The top floor elevator's just got one arrow

(Slow tempo right down)

D                        G
Why so many bloody looks?
            D       F#m     A       D
I'm in the kitchen with too many cooks
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