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 E              C#m  A                E                                 B            C#m        A  B
In the land of the eternal night time, there?s a single lamppost on a far off hill, the 
E         C#m      A                E                               B                 C#m    A
people go to see if their own shadows grow out of their feet and are with them 
 E              C#m            A                   E              B            C#m          A
The trees outside tap dance in our windows while our ancestors all roll in their 
B                    C#m     B     F#                C#m            A            B
graves, she throws out four of her old dresses for every one she saves
            F#                                 C#m      F#
And she says these old things look better in the window I think id much rather 
C#m                    A            B
imagine them on someone new
e----------------------------------------------------- | 
B----------------------------------------------------- | 
G--3-3-3-4-6---6-8-(b9)8-6------------------------------ | 
D----------------------------------------------------- | 
A----------------------------------------------------- | 
E--2-2-2-4-5---5-7-(b9)7-5------------------------------ | 

(1)You?d think the two things could just fit together you think wanting for 
nothing is not a crime 

I feel like whistling but I cant stop smiling, its impossible to do them both at the same time

(2)So lets take the great novels and tear out their last pages, and then read each 
other?s faces like they?re written in Braille,

 turn all the air that hangs around us to the wind in our sails

(1) And go x 4
Pretty simplified, intended for one person playing.
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