• Song:

    Amen Kind Of Love

  • Artist:

    Daryle Singletary

  • Album:

    All Because of You

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Written by: Trey Bruce & Wayne Tester 
Amen Kind of Love          Daryle Singletary 
E5                 A5             E5 
Don't guess I've ever loved another 
E5            A5            E5              B5 
Never once before did I really see the light 
                E5                  A5      E5 
for they were barely friends and merely lovers 
           E5                 A5          E5                B5 
And it's taken what you've given me to feel like I do tonight 
            E5             B5                 E5        B5 
I (we) am moved by the spirit I'm (we're) here to tensify 
                E5  A5            B5 
I (We) found an A-men kind of love 
                         E5                  A5 
The kind that makes you fall down on your knees 
and reach for the sky above 
      E5              A5        E5         A5 
The kind that your soul can never get enough 
                   E5  B5   A5    E5    E5  B5            E5 
I (we've) found an A-men, A-A-Amen, A-men kind of love 
E5              A5                E5 
You've given love a brand new meaning 
E5            A5                E5                B5 
Bound by a higher power then I've ever known before 
               E5                 A5   E5 
Safe in your faithful arms I am leaning 
E5           A5              E5             B5 
Once I was lost but I am found for ever more  and 
go to chorus, lead, chorus, instrumental to end.
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