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Dave Barnes ? The L.A. song

G                     Bm  A                    Bm
She drives down on sunset with the windows down
G                   F#m  A      Bm
Just so she can let it in
G                       Bm   A                     Bm
She knows he's far gone now, but there still are pieces
G                        F#m   A
Pieces theres still left of him

A        Em    D/F#   G            D
He uses love like a bullet from a gun
Em7   D/F#            G    
She's careful like a surgeon
A               Em  D/F#  G          D
Everywhere he goes they all know to run
Em7     D/F#        G                G (into Verse Progression)
She can't help but love him, love him

There is a picture sitting by her bed
Her reflection in his face
She has been meaning, meaning to move it
But it's always been his place

City of angels, everyone is sleeping
4 am and she's awake
She is moving, moving that picture
Someone will fill that space
Someone will fill that space
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