• Song:

    Lifes A Bitch

  • Artist:

    Dave Grohl

This is the song Dave composed while giving "Hit-Lessons" to Kyle in Amsterdam.

I'm pretty sure the chords are correct, but I might be wrong with the
strumming pattern. Go watch the thing on Youtube to match it up. I guess
mostly beginners will benefit from this, since it's a simple song. Anyways,
it's easy and extremely fun to play.

In case Dave Grohl happens to see this: Dave, please record that whole song
and put it on your next record.

This is my first tab btw, so if I messed-up, just say so. No hard feelings.


D (xx0232@1)       G (320003@1)       E (022100@1)The intro and the verse are strummed softer, and for the chorus strum harder and louder, 
and  maybe a bit faster.
And that's basically the whole song. But figure it out by watching the video.

It's just an improvised song, so there are no complete lyrics, but in the video it goes 
like this:

Life's a bitch, it always has been
and I'm a fucking guy, that I always have been

now I'm a big star, got a fucking car
and a bumper-sticker on it, and it says

Life's a bitch
Life's a bitch
Life's a bitch
Life's a bitch
but keep on trucking
Life's a bitch
but keep on trucking

Thanks for any comments =D
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