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Just a Song - Dave Mason

(Note: Play all barred chords if you like)
Chord Shapes: G_bar10=(10,10,12,12,12,10) Eb_bar=(6,6,8,8,8,6)
F_bar8=(8,8,10,10,10,8) C_bar3=(3,3,5,5,5,3) G_bar3=(3,5,5,4,3,3)

Intro1: ||:[G_bar10] [Eb_bar] [C_bar3] [G_bar3]:|| x2
Intro2: ||:[G] [C] [F_bar8] [C_bar3] [G_bar3] - [C] [C] [G] [G]:|| x2
[G] Don't talk to [C] me, of [C] fame or [G] fortune,
[G] Don't [C] tell me of the [C] things you've [G] read.
[G] Don't get in- [C] volved, in [C] games of [G] reason,
[G] There ain't no [C] reason I could [C] see for you to [G] win.

I've-a asked you [F] questions now for [C] far too [G] long,
I'm feelin' [F] hard and wasted [C] but there ain't no [G] sun.
I'm tired of [F] calling you here when [C] things go [G] wrong,
So now I'm [F] findin' all I [C] need in just a [G] song.
[1:] [G] [C] [F_bar8] [C_bar3] [G_bar3] - [C] [C] [G] [G]
[2:] [G_bar10] [Eb_bar] [C_bar3] [G_bar3] Oh, [G_bar10] yeah. [Eb_bar] [C_bar3] [G_bar3]
[3:] [G_bar10] [Eb] [C_bar3] [G_bar3]
[G] Just take my [C] hand and let me [C] feel that I be- [G] long,
[G] Just take some [C] time out from your- [C] self to get a- [G] long.
[G] Just one more [C] day and I will [C] turn from [G] you and run,
[G] Although you're [C] all I do, [C] all I've ever [G] done.

[G] It may be the [C] way I feel but [C] you are all I [G] have,
[G] It's not the [C] same for everyone [C] I know that [G] well.
[G] It means a [C] lot of give and [C] take from every- [G] one,
[G] I'm playing [C] games, just [C] won't help us [G] get along.

It's just a [G_bar10] so- [Eb_bar] on, ong. [C_bar3] [G_bar3]
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