This is 2005
Capo 1 (All chords relative to capo 1)
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Intro - C - G - Am - F - G - F - G

Your shirts are pressed
Your words are planned
Your jeans are ripped
Your skin is tan
               C              G
And like the cancer in your hands
                  Am                    F
You plague this town with schemes and plans
             C                    G               Am         F
It makes me sick that they can’t see your own predictive irony
                C                    G
You’re at your peak and that’s just fine
                Am                  F
You take your moment and I’ll take mine

                    C               G               Am             F
I would like to believe the best of me is something I have yet to see
                     F                G           
Because working at dead end jobs and skipping class
      C                  Am          F                    G
And spending hours on my ass, just doesn’t sound like any fun to me

            C               G
I hate to judge but I cant stop
            Am                 F
Unless you step off your soap box
                     C                 G
Because it’s caving in, and you cant tell
        Am                    F
You’re busy checking out yourself
               C                  G
Oh you’re SO deep, your taste is chic
             Am                 F
But we both know that talk is cheap.
            C                   G                  Am                 F
It matters least the words you shout if you don’t know what’s coming out

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            C                 G                Am               F
Its senior year and were all down with getting out of this old town
                   C                 G                    Am              F
But your staying back you’d rather stop because at this moment you’re on top
                 C                     G
But years will pass, we’ll all come through 
               Am                       F
And you’ll be right just where we left you
              C                   G                   Am                F
And we’ll realize you weren’t so cool, and that were all so over high school

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