• Song:

    An Occasional Dream

  • Artist:

    David Bowie

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David Bowie - An Occasional Dream
Off Space Oddity.

Intro Chords:  A7  A7Sus4  A7  A7Sus4
               A7  A7Sus4  A7  A7Sus4
               Bm  Em  A

    D           F#m
I recall how we lived
       Am          Am7
On the corner of a bed
         C                      G
And we'd speak of a Swedish room
Of hessian and wood
         D             F#m
And we'd talk with our eyes
       Am               Am7
Of the sweetness in our lives
      C                       G
And tomorrows of rich surprise
                     Eb  F  A
Some things we could do

In our madness we burnt one hundred days
Time takes time to pass
And I still hold some ashes to me
An occasional dream

Bridge:  A7  A7Sus4  A7  A7Sus4
         Bm  Em  A

         D            F#m
And we'd sleep, oh so close
        Am               Am7
But not really close our eyes
           C                              G
'Tween the sheets of summer bathed in blue
Gently weeping nights
       D     F#m
It was long, long ago
      Am                     Am7
And I still can't touch your name
        C                               G
For the days of fate were strong for you
                    Eb  F  A
Danced you far from me

In my madness I see your face in mine
I keep a photograph, it burns my wall with time
Eb       F
Time an occasional dream
   Eb       F
Of mine an occasional dream
   Ab        Bb       A        Dm  C  G  Bb  A7
Of mine an occasional dream of mine

If anyone can work out the full intro, leave a comment. HY.
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