• Song:

    Eight Line Poem

  • Artist:

    David Bowie

  • Album:

    At the Beeb

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EIGHT LINE POEM from Hunky Dory

INTRO: F  C  F  C  D  E  
       F  C  F  C  F  C  
       E  F  D  G  F

C                      F
Tactful cactus by your window
C                          F
Survey the prairie of your room
C                   D
Mobile spins to its collision
E                               F
Clara puts her head between her paws
C                                F
They've opened shops down on the westside
C                         F
Will all the cacti find a home?
C                  E
But the key to the city
          F                 Dsus4           G    F    C
Is in the sun that pins the branches to the sky  Oh...oh

OUTRO:  F  C  F  C  
        F  C  F  C
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