• Song:

    Serpent Who Guards The Gates Of Hell

  • Artist:

    David Brent

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David Brent - Serpent Who Guards The Gates of Hell

C      x32010
Am7    x02010
D      xx0232
Dsus   xx0233
G      320003
Em     022000
F#     20xxxx

I'm not saying don't trust all women, I'm saying, you know, be careful. Everyone 
woman is different. What it's saying is basically, if you're in a relationship, 
great. In fact if you were going out with her for over 2 years and you've actually 
bought her an engagement ring and you're totally loyal to her... Just be careful 
at a new years eve party that she doesn't get pissed out of her head and you find 
her in the toilet on all fours with Phil Hickley.

Em   F#    G
  Mandy    Wier[?] 
    C                     Am7
the lady with the flaming hair (sorta ginger)
Em             F#  G
she's not what she seems
C                   Am7
she will crush your dreams
C        Am7             G
don't look in her loving eyes
C       Am7         G  D  Dsus
she's a demon in disguiiiseee
C        Am7            G
and soon only time will tell
          Em          D                   Em
she's the serpent who guards the gates of hell

Ba ba dow! And then the whole band would kick in, Forgone Conclusion, and err 
like, Mammogram would do a mental solo.

Who's Mammogram?

Mammogram, that was our lead axeman. That wasn't his real name, his real name was Craig Monkford.
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